Allegiant Policy on Pets

Allegiant Airlines gives you the freedom to travel with your pet. Customers must be fully willing to abide by the travel with pets policy. Today, the airline only allows domestic cats and dogs. However, you must note that a small pet fare will apply. Usually, the airline allows pets in the main cabin.

Today, one can only travel with a pet in either Puerto Rico, San Juan, or the United States. Unfortunately, a customer cannot fly with a pet to or from Hawaii.

How to Add a Pet to an Allegiant Air Reservations

A traveler must get in touch with customer care to request them to add a pet to their reservation. Flyers are free to dial 702-505-888 to request customer care representatives to add pets to their Allegiant Airlines reservations.

Nowadays, it would help if you informed an agent at least 48 hours in advance. The agent will add the pet and let you know the applicable pet fare. Normally, if you wish to travel to and fro, you’ll need to pay a higher pet fare.

Alternatively, you can opt to add your pet to your booking online. You’re free to do this while booking your reservation at the airline’s official website. Kindly visit Allegiant Airlines reservations official site to reserve a booking for your pet.

Allegiant Airlines travel with pets guidelines expects all customers, especially those traveling with pets, must check-in at the airport. Remember that the airline needs to inspect the pet carrier.

Pet Fare

Allegiant Airlines will charge you a pet fare of $100 for each way. That implies that if you wish to fly to and fro, you’ll need to pay a total pet fare of $200.traveling with pets policy anticipates that you clear the total booking fee while adding the pet to your reservation.

Pet Carrier Requirements

A customer needs to ensure that their pet carrier meets some requirements. For instance, the containers must;

  • Be approved by the FAA.
  • It needs to have soft-sides and be comfortable.
  • Each container must not measure beyond 22.9 cm by 35.6 cm by 55.9 cm.
  • A pet container needs not to weigh beyond 11 kilograms.
  • Each container can only comprise at most 2 pets.

Service Animals Policy

Traveling with pets policy applies partially to service animals. For instance, such animals need to be disease-free. Unlike the case with pets, Allegiant Airlines does not expect one to pay any fare for a service animal.

Similarly, it would help if you didn’t carry a service animal in a pet carrier. Remember that this animal’s main role is to offer support to a client with any form of disability.

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