Allegiant Airlines’ infant travel policy allows minors to fly. However, the policy spells out stringent guidelines. All infants and children must honor each of the guidelines to get cleared for the flight. Kindly note that the airline will charge each minor a specified infant fare.

How to Book an Air Ticket for a Minor

A minor is not allowed to book a reservation directly. The airline expects an adult, preferably a parent, to book an air ticket instead. Today, you can visit Allegiant Airlines reservations official site to book a flight tickets. After that, you ought to search for your preferred flight and click on it.

You must ensure that you clear the required booking fee to complete booking successfully. Today, one can equally utilize the Allegiant Airlines app to book a reservation for a young traveller. You’ll have to follow some simple steps to complete the booking successfully.

If your booking is successful, the infant travel policy dictates that you should receive an email confirmation message. Alternatively, travelling with your infant policy allows travelers to contact customer care to request for booking services.

Therefore, you can dial (702) 505-8888 to get in touch with customer care representatives. Please ensure that you provide all the necessary details, such as your flight details and personal information.

Compulsory Travel Documents

Kids travelling with Allegiant Airlines must produce some travel documents. They include;

Allegiant Airlines Lap Children Policy

The infant travel policy allows an adult to travel with a lap child. However, you must ensure that you include your lap child in your reservation. Nowadays, a lap child must be under 24 months old. In most cases, the airline won’t charge such children any infant fares.

Unaccompanied Children Travel Policy

Allegiant Airlines infant travel guidelines only allow kids above 15 years to fly alone. An adult must accompany any kid under 15 years. Normally, a child can fly unaccompanied for either domestic flights or for direct flights.

Kindly note that unaccompanied kids must produce their birth certificate. This travel document will be vital in the age verification process.

Pregnant Travelers Policy

Unborn babies too deserve to be treated with respect. For this reason, Allegiant Airlines treats pregnant women with the utmost respect. For instance, such a traveller can get special services, upon request. However, the flyer will be required to provide essential travel documents such as a health certificate.

Please note that usually, the airline mainly allows travelers who are at their initial stages of pregnancy.

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