Cabin Classes

Allegiant Airlines accommodates its flyers in different cabin classes. Today there are only three travel classes, namely first-class, Business class and economy class. Each of these travel classes may slightly vary in terms of the in-flight facilities.

That explains why different travel classes attract different booking fees.

a) First Class

First-class has the most magnificent facilities, unlike the other three cabin classes. For this reason, first-class flyers buy the most expensive Allegiant Airlines reservations. Here are some of the notable characteristics of this travel class

b) Business Class

Business-class is the second fanciest cabin class for the customers. However, a customer will equally have to pay a high booking fee for his or her Allegiant Airlines flight reservations. Technically, business-class amenities are equally similar to those in the first class. Below is a list of some of these in-flight amenities.

c) Economy class

Economy class is the most affordable travel class ever. Customers here can only access the basic facilities. However, if any traveler wishes to access a luxurious facility, they’ll need to pay for it. Remember that the airline does not include such charges in such Allegiant Airlines reservations.

Fleet Size

Allegiant Airlines has an eye-popping fleet size of 104. Thanks to this, the airline can fly to nearly 130 destinations, both local and international. Today the airline mainly deals with one aircraft brand for its operation.

Current Fleet Size

Allegiant Airlines has a current fleet size of 104. Apart from that, the airline has ordered an additional aircraft; hence the fleet size is bound to rise to 105 soon. Here are the planes in operation currently.

Airbus A320-200 aircraft has a capacity of 177 passengers. On the other hand, the Airbus A319-100 has a staggering passenger capacity of 156.

Fleet Size History

Allegiant Airlines has over 104 planes which are no longer operational. These old planes fell into disuse owing to undisclosed reasons. They include.

In-Flight Amenities

Make Allegiant Airlines reservations to enjoy seamless air journey with excellent facilities on the plane. This premium airline of the United States facilitate passengers with good meal along with complimentary snacks and beverages on the plane. Allegiant Airlines book a flight to get in-flight entertainment in the form of TV shows, movies, series and music with no hidden cost. 

It’s worth making Allegiant Airlines flight reservations because of the special service they provide to passengers with special needs and disable passengers. Also, passengers can enjoy strong and free Wi-Fi at the airport. Flying in style, comfort and budget is possible rather convenient and flexible when you choose to make Allegiant Airlines reservations.

The in-flight amenities and services offered feature spacious seating arrangement, tasty drinks, delicious food, USB slot, and much more. Those passengers who want to know more about the in-flight services are recommended to talk with an airline representative through Allegiant Airlines customer service number.

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