Allegiant has an elaborate cancellation policy that allows one to revoke their reservations. Please ensure that you observe all the Allegiant Air cancellation guidelines. You must know that any violation may easily lead to the cancellation of the air ticket.

Travelers must note that the cancel allegiant flight policy solely applies to valid bookings. Therefore you cannot revoke an expired air ticket.

How to Cancel an Allegiant Airlines Reservations

Allegiant Airlines cancellation policy provides several ways of canceling a booking. For instance, one may choose to visit to cancel their booking. Kindly navigate the website and click on the cancel flight option.

After that, you’ll be expected to enter the flight details such as booking number and surname. If your ticket cancellation is successful, it ought to reflect online. Alternatively, you may opt to use the Allegiant Air mobile app to cancel a ticket.

One can quickly download this technology from the airline’s official website. You’ll equally follow the same instructions as if you were canceling the reservation on the airline’s official website.

Another option is to contact customer care to request for assistance. Feel free to call 1-855-695-0028 for immediate assistance. However, you must note that Allegiant Air cancellation fees. The airline will deduct the service charge from the already paid booking fees.

Kindly note that you can only call the Allegiant Airlines reservations phone number during business hours. Customer care agents won’t charge you an additional service charge except for the flight cancellation fees.

Allegiant 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Allegiant Air 24-hour cancellation policy permits one to cancel the reservation within 24 hours. The good thing is that in such a case, no allegiant Air cancellation fees will apply. Once 24 hours expire, a service charge will automatically apply if you cancel the booking.

Allegiant Air Flight Cancellation Fees

A flight cancellation fee applies to each reservation that you revoke. Today, the airline will deduct a service charge at an Allegiant Air cancellation rate of $75 per each air ticket. Therefore, the more reservations you cancel, the higher the Allegiant Air cancellation fees.

Please note that the airline deducts the service charge from the already paid booking fee. Therefore, you’ll only receive the final amount after all the necessary deductions.

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